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PT Distinction is the most innovative, powerful and flexible online personal training and coaching software on the market.... So much so that the other softwares try to copy us while we innovate new ideas and move you on to even greater success.


  • If your priority is coaching with ease and simplicity, just add a client, go to their dashboard, add their programs, coaching, assessments and forms and click “send login details”... You then keep track of them with ease using our alerts system.
  • We show you how to get clients, fill up your business and deliver an exceptional online personal training service in no time at all. Every detail is shown in follow-along videos and full support is given in our free Facebook Group.
  • If branding is important to you, PT Distinction can be 100% custom branded as your own software and your own app. We\'re not talking a logo on an app here, we mean your clients will have no idea we exist


If you decide to grow a really big online personal training business and want to go all in, then PT Distinction is no longer just your best option, it\'s your only solution. Unless you want to combine 3-4 different softwares and apps.




We give you the most up to date guide on the systems that are working right now for the world\'s most successful online personal trainers and coaches. We then help you choose YOUR perfect system, create your perfect set up and align it for your success, including

  • Creating online fitness challenges that you build once then deliver on auto pilot.
  • Turning your website in to a powerful membership site.
  • Creating nutrition coaching and habit set ups like the entire PN Pro Coach system, only your own.
  • Running free trials for 1 – 1,000+ clients with zero hassle and no extra cost.
  • Creating and selling your own flagship programs
  • Running high end, bespoke online coaching
  • and more...

All this is easy to set up and deliver using PT Distinction.


Once set up PT Distinction saves you so much time you can coach 10 X the number of clients you could using any other system or software. We even show you step by step how to get those extra clients.



6 Month Risk Free Guarantee

PT Distinction members are changing a lot of lives and and many are making 6 figures and more with their online coaching business while enjoying an increased level of freedom.
We want to get you there as well.
We give you the only online personal training software that is designed to make YOU successful then we give you incredible free guides that will help you create the online personal training business you desire.
These guides show you exactly how to get started as an online personal trainer, how to brand your service as your own and how to get a consistent flow of new clients.
By implementing the simple advice we give you, we guarantee you will have made at least 10 x your monthly PT Distinction subscription within 6 months or we\'ll pay you every penny back.