How to Post, Edit, or Delete Ad

We suggest signing up for a Free Ads Alaska account. A Simple E-mail, Username and Password is all it takes! 

Within the Free account, you will have quick access to:

- View all your listings.

- View all your expired listings and keep track of them.

- Upgrade ads for better selling visibility and quicker sales.

- Delete ads or archive them for later.

- And one of the best functions is the quick listing of your ad. Simply make your listing, Click Post, Ad Goes Live!


All customers who have not signed up. Upon submission of your listing, you will receive an e-mail confirmation

- You must check your e-mail to confirm your listing.

- Once confirmed, your ad will go live.

- To edit, upgrade, or delete your listing, you will need to save your confirmation e-mail.

- If you lose your confirmation e-mail, then you will need to reach out to us so we may help.